Crown Reduction, Thinning, & Lifting in Sutton Coldfield

When it comes to the trees on your property, there may come a time where you need crown reduction, thinning, & lifting in Sutton Coldfield. If that happens, choose Sutton Trees as your go-to tree surgeon!

What Is Crown Lifting?

Crown lifting requires the removal of the tree canopy’s lowest branches. Often, this is less stressful to the trees. We usually only remove the secondary branches, though there could be times where we need to get rid of a structural branch.

This is an effective way to boost light levels from under the canopy and improve access under the tree.

Each job is different from another and presents various problems. Therefore, we always tailor our methods to meet the needs of the owner and the tree itself. Sometimes, it’s a matter of removing one or two branches to avert an issue, though we may need to remove many of them, depending on the situation.

What Is Crown Thinning?

Crown thinning requires us to remove some of the young shoots or secondary branches from the tree canopy. This doesn’t alter your tree’s size and is often performed on trees of the broad-leaf species.

One of our arborists can climb through the tree to systematically remove even amounts of foliage throughout. Many people choose crown thinning to reduce the tree’s weight, reduce wind-sale, and allow more light to get through. Typically, we try this method first because it’s less stressful and harmful to the tree.?

Crown Reduction, & Thinning Lifting sutton coldfield

What Is Crown Reduction?

Typically, crown reduction requires us to reduce the spread or size of the tree’s canopy. It can be used on the whole tree or individual branches to relieve mechanical stresses so that the tree fits into its environment.

Our goal is to retain the primary framework of the tree’s crown but create a smaller outline. Usually, we try to obtain a 20 to 30 per cent size reduction to benefit properties nearby. However, we can reduce the canopy by more if needed.

Why Choose Sutton Trees?

We understand that you have a lot on your mind. It’s often hard to take care of tree maintenance yourself, and it’s also dangerous. Therefore, it’s best to let our arborists handle your crown reduction, thinning, & lifting in Sutton Coldfield.

You may not know what’s best for your tree, but that’s okay! When you call us on 0121 751 0330 for your free quotation, we can come to the property and assess your needs. From there, we tell you what’s required and price information. Call today!

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